Nitrous oxide sedation in dentistry – relax your patients the right way

We support practices and clinics across Europe in integrating sedation and analgesia techniques into their treatment spectrum with effective, safe and sustainable products and concepts.

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Do these sentences sound familiar?

  • “Anxious patients cause practice to slow down”
  • “Some patients are so stressed that the stress is passed on to me and the staff”
  • “I loose so much time with gagging and pain patients”
  • “The treatment of anxious children sometimes becomes a real disaster”

These are original statements from our customers in the dental sector when they contact us for the first time.

The problem

You want to provide your patients with the optimal and most efficient treatment. You are equipped with the best and most modern technology.

However, the psychological challenges associated with the treatment of anxiety and gagging patients and children often cannot be overcome with good dentistry alone.

It creates a high level of stress for patients and practitioners, and the actual dental care suffers as a result.

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The solution

The inhalational sedation of these patients with a precisely tailored nitrous oxide-oxygen mixture offers dentists worldwide exactly THE right and safe tool that they need for modern care need this ever-growing patient group.

The procedure is used millions of times worldwide every year and is one of the best-researched medical applications of all.

Minimal sedation with nitrous oxide primarily has an anti-anxiety and relaxing effect and is therefore indispensable in dentistry as an elementary component of modern care.

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This is how nitrous oxide sedation works

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More Information

The globally established method NITROUS OXIDE SEDATION will help you

  • Relax your patients and reduce your own stress
  • Optimize your practice processes
  • Sharpen your performance profile
  • stand out from your competitors
  • to be a reliable and solution-oriented practice for anxiety patients
  • and generate additional sources of income
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