Accutron Digital Ultra® Flowmeter

The Digital Ultra® has an automatic flow control that allows you to easily adjust the dose of oxygen and nitrous oxide and the respiratory minute volume.

The excellent visible surface of the flowmeter is very flat and space-saving. In addition, its smooth surface makes it antiseptic and very easy to clean.

The manufacturer of the flowmeter Accutron Inc. from Phoenix / Arizona is a leading company in the world specializing in the manufacture of nitrous oxide systems.

Highest quality, reliability and durability are the trademarks of all Accutron products ÔÇô the goal is absolute customer satisfaction!

The Digital Ultra Flowmeter can be used as a built-in flowmeter in our sedaflow ALL-IN-ONE systems or integrated into a treatment room via mobile stands and individual mounting options via wall arms.

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Features of the Digital Ultra Flowmeter

    • 50% or 70% maximum nitrous oxide concentration adjustable
    • Setting of N2O concentration and total flow via finger-tip keys
    • intuitive application for the entire practice team
    • automatic flow regulation when adjusting the N20 concentration
    • Acoustic and visual alarm function in the event of a gas failure
    • O2 flush button for oxygen supply in emergencies
    • Self-test function
    • Nitrous oxide lock
    • different pre-sets
    • Premium security package
    • 24 months manufacturer warranty
    • 24 months maintenance interval


Installation options

    • ALL-IN-ONE system sedaflow
    • 4-cylinder Mobile Stand (PIN INDEX ONLY)
    • Wall arms or under table mounts