Advanced training and certifications for nitrous oxide sedation in dentistry

Modern training concepts always require individual design options: Through our network, you have access to the most diverse, modern types of training and certification programs. Training that conforms to (national) guidelines (e.g. in accordance with the CED resolution 2012) always forms the decisive foundation for all options.

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Certification by the Institute for Dental Sedation

We are proud partner of the Dental Sedation Institute in Cologne – THE leading training institute in Germany specializing in dental sedation. The course program┬áis designed and adaptable according to the current guidelines and is continuously optimized according to current requirements.┬á

We truly believe in both – Blended Learning and 100% presence training and certification programs. For our international customers and partners we offer open Blended Learning courses. These courses always start with a three hour online on-demand training with Dr. Frank Mathers. After completing these on-demand training sessions we invite you to a full day of additional theoretical and practical training in Cologne. The course is held in English language.


Through Europe we offer additional, national courses according to national standards with our partner – check our our European partner network.

Contents and description of our nitrous oxide courses in cooperation with the Institute for Dental Sedation

The course contents are:

  • Pharmacology of nitrous oxide
  • Nitrous oxide as a monosubstance for dental sedation
  • THE PLUS: Safe use of oral sedation, also in combination with nitrous oxide -> available for many appointments
  • Protocols for sedation with combination of nitrous oxide and oral sedatives.
  • Physiology of the vital organ systems (respiration, circulation, kidney, liver, CNS)
  • Patient selection and risk assessment, patient safety, organ function under sedation.
  • Anesthesiological patient monitoring in the dental practice – also for non-sedated patients
  • Safety and competence in handling the equipment
  • Practical exercises of dental sedation on humans
  • Practical exercises of incidents with hands-on coping on the simulator
  • Emergency training theoretical and practical
  • Successfully sedate children and geriatric patients with their special features
  • Documentation and accounting

The course will be taught by Dr. Mathers, an experienced anesthesiologist who can answer any questions you may have about sedation. No uncertainties remain and you will be able to directly use the new methods after the course to provide a pleasant treatment experience for your patients and your team.

If questions arise in the application in practice or you have a special case that you would like to discuss, you can of course contact our team at any time. We are happy to help, with practical or medical questions.

References and all information about the team of speakers around Dr. Frank G. Mathers can be found here.

The course is based on the current guidelines of the German Society for Dental Sedation (DGfdS), the CED and the recommendation of the German Dental Association. All participants receive a corresponding certificate.

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