Nitrous oxide sedation and analgesia

We support dental and medical practices and clinics all over Europe in integrating techniques for sedation and analgesia into their treatment spectrum with effective, safe and sustainable products and concepts.

We rely on the latest medical technology and are always scientifically up-to-date with our advanced training programs.

Our core competencies are nitrous oxide and oxygen sedation and analgesia. Since more than 15 years we┬┤ve benn partner of the US premium manufacturer Accutron Inc. and are poud to represent their product range in Europe.

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BIEWER medical

Nitrous oxide sedation concept and products

Concept of dental nitrous oxide sedation

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Mobile sedation units sedaflow®

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Accutron nasal masks and circuits

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Training and ertification Courses

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Nitrous oxide sedation in dentistry

Laughing gas? Yes, laughing gas! One of the oldest sedatives has been experiencing a real renaissance in dentistry and many other disciplines in recent years.

With minimal sedation using nitrous oxide, anxiety and gagging patients can be relaxed, so that the stress level for patients and practitioners can be reduced efficiently, safely and sustainably.

We, BIEWER® medical, support practices, MVZs and clinics throughout Europe in a partnership and sustainably in integrating nitrous oxide sedation into everyday work. We offer afull concept of training, equipment technology, team instructions and technical service.


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About BIEWER medical

We, BIEWER medical medical products, are a family business with over 60 years of tradition, owner-managed in the 2nd generation and proud of our employees, partners and customers. Together we have carried out thousands of exciting and successful projects and are ideally positioned for our future and that of our customers with modern technologies, short and quick decision-making processes and a highly trained team.

Starting from our company location in Koblenz in Rhineland-Palatinate in the BIEWER Business Park, we can act with a lot of power and act effectively, purposefully and with maximum customer focus.

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